Strategy 4 SEO is about SEO strategies, News, Making Money, Reviews, SEO Tools, and Getting Socal using social media. We give you the right information so that you can get your website or blog ranked high in search results. We focus on how to get you a high page rank on Google and how to increase traffic to your website or blog. We allow visitors to post Guest Posts and to use their creativity and writing skills to contribute to our site’s content so that we can provide the reader great and useful information.

 What Are The Benefits of Submitting a Guest Post on Strategy 4 SEO?

Submitting your guest blog to us will give you and your website or blog great exposure from visitors that come to our site and read your guest post.


This Includes:

1. A Quality Backlink

2. Traffic to Your Site

3. Recognition

4. Earnings from AdSense

You Can Also Make Money Through Having AdSense Ads in Your Post

Profit Sharing Through Adsense
An additional benefit that we offer is the sharing of profits generated through AdSense ads. Then you post an article on our site, you will be able to make money by displaying AdSense ads in your post. If you have an AdSense code, then you will be able to use your own AdSense code when submitting a post to us.
How It Works
Money made from your post through AdSense will be credited into your account on Adsense. This ad sharing is 100% and means that we won’t ever rotate your ads and your ads will stay on your post forever. For a detailed explanation about how to enter your AdSense code, read How Do I Enter My AdSense ID? If you don’t have an existing AdSense account you can sign up for one.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

    • Preserving Quality: You can use Strategy 4 SEO for self promotion, however, we have the right not to post your guest post if it hinders our reader’s readability and lowers the quality of the content on our website. Your article should be at least 500 words and the topic should be covered in detail. The post needs to be edited with all spelling and grammar mistakes corrected before submitting it to us.
    • Backlinks: You are allowed to use 1 backlink that links your guest post to your own post on another website/blog if it is related to the topic.
    • Giving Credit to Others: If your ideas in your post are derivative of someone else’s work, you can give that person credit for the ideas or images that you use in your post.
    • Including Images, Screenshots, and Videos: Images and videos make the article come alive and engage the reader right away, even if the text does not grab the reader’s attention right away. We encourage you to post an image or two or a good video with your guest post.If you do not provide an image or video, we will insert one that we feel goes well with the topic. IMPORTANT: If you do submit an image or video it has to be yours or you have to have the rights to it. It needs to be royalty-free. You can buy images on websites such as or You can also get free images from
    • Affiliate Links: We do not allow affiliate links on our guest posts. However, you can use AdSense in your post which will help you make money.
    • Article Credit: We give credit to each writer who writes a guest post for us. We show your name at the beginning of each article. When someone clicks on your name, they will see all the articles you have written for us. Therefore, please do not add anything for self promotion in your post.
    • Copyright and Ownership: If we find out that your article is copied from somewhere else, we will not post your guest post and will remove any existing guest posts and comments from Strategy 4 SEO. You will not be allowed to write guest posts on our website after that. When you submit a guest post to us, you are giving up your rights to that article and giving Strategy 4 SEO ownership of the post.
    • Guest Post Comments: When you start getting comments on your post, you are welcome to answer any comments and questions asked by your readers. This will help your readers and will help you as well by giving you even more exposure.
    • Time frame: We are very thankful for all the great articles that we receive on a daily basis. We receive about 10 posts a day so your post will get published or declined within 10-15 days of submission. We will email you about the status of your post within this time frame. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using our contact form.

Submitting Your Guest Post

Register your account to easily submit a guest post to us. This takes you to the WordPress login. If you are not familiar with WordPress you can email us your post by using our contact form

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