Why You Should Use Easy To Remember URLs

You might think that you have no control over the URL for your page, but this is not necessarily the case. Creating a URL that is easy to remember is an easy way of increasing web traffic without having to hire an SEO company or build a marketing campaign. Your URL should reflect your business in some way. Include the name of your business, a key service you provide or some other detail that would be easy to associate with your company. This way your customers do not have to plug your name into a search engine every time they want to find you. They can simply type your URL into the address bar and get everything they need. In other words pick a URL name that is easy to remember.

Don’t use a name like

Notice how long that name is and whose going to remember that name 5 days from now?

Instead choose something like this

notice how much easier it is to remember a shorter URL name versus a really long name.

I have come across some sites in the past that were interesting to read and if I didn’t bookmark them I would have never remembered which site it was. Therefore it is essential you make friendly URL names if you want visitors to remember and come back to your site.

If your customer base is still growing, you want to do everything you can to encourage them to comeback. If your SEO content is putting you in a competitive place in search engine rankings, then you want to avoid the risk that customers may search for you and accidentally click on a different page. Creating a URL that is easy to remember helps avoid this problem. You may also wind up with free web traffic if someone takes a guess at your URL or types the right combination because your URL matches your business accurately.

Most websites contain more than one page. You want to make sure that links to subpages or your store are easy to access too. Many URLs wind up containing long strings of numbers that can only be repeated accurately if the customer copies the URL and pastes it into a new window. Avoid this mess by installing a rewrite file on your server settings. This will allow you to set SEO keywords for your page so that your URL will contain these phrases instead of generating a random numeric code. You can get free web traffic by adding SEO to your URLs because this will also help you get a better search engine ranking. Now if you run a WordPress site you can do so by changing your permalinks in your settings with the click of a button.

You also want to focus on increasing web traffic by passing out your URL in person Add it to business cards, put it in television advertisements or spread the URL via word of mouth. Adding SEO phrases to your URL makes it more likely that these customers will remember this information when they get home and try to access your page. The easier you make it to find your webpage, the more likely it is that you will develop a constant readership.

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