Why You Should Include Images On Your Site

Search engine optimization has been the key strategy for getting your website and your business the recognition it deserves over the past several years.  It has given you several ways to create high-quality content, use keywords effectively, link yourself properly with other sites and organize your site in such a way that allows search engine web crawlers to access every part of your website easily.  If done effectively, these tactics can increase your rank in most search engines dramatically. However, there is one technique that many forget about and that is image SEO optimization.

SEO Strategy

Most people focus on the various text-based aspects of their sites since written content both in articles and Meta tags is usually the way that you get through to your audience.  But a website that is just a bunch of text can put many off as tedious and there is also that age-old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words” to take into account.  While interesting and entertaining articles are a good way to keep your audience around, you need to have pictures to provide the initial hook and the more the better.  Unfortunately, the more pictures that you employ, the more web crawlers might have difficulty understanding the content of you site.  This is where the bridge between images and SEO must be built.

If, for example, you decide to create a pictures page on you website with nothing but your potato chips being eaten in different places all over the world, it can be a great tool to burn your label into potential customer’s minds.  But if a web crawler goes over this site, it might become very confused by labels full of random numbers and letters.  In the past, it was always believed that pictures used on websites should have as little text associated with them as possible.  Google is changing that with their optical character recognition tool that is helping to expand their image page.

More and more people are finding sites through Google’s images page and the best way to increase your image SEO optimization is to go through and give your pictures names containing keywords related to them.  If the title needs more description, be sure to leave out particles like “a” and “the” and use hyphens instead of underscores or spaces to make it easier for OCR crawlers.  Images and SEO are becoming more synonymous on the internet today so take more care next time you decide to overhaul your site.

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