Why You Should Create Important Relevant Titles

The importance of creating relevant titles

Crafting interesting, engaging and relevant titles is an essential part of drawing in readers and gaining good search engine rankings. When creating page titles, webmasters should consider their audience first, and search engines a very close second – you need a relevant title to please the search engines; however the title should also be catchy enough to attract visitors. Title tags are considered to be among the top three factors determining the success of a website, yet it is often overlooked by webmasters who do not realize that spending a little time on getting your page titles right can make all the difference to the amount of targeted traffic reaching your site.

Keep page titles relevant

Each page in your website must have a relevant page title, ideally making use of at least 2 keywords of relevance to the content in that page. Ensuring that the title of each page in your site is relevant to the content is an essential part of SEO as search engines do not look favorably on sites where the title of the page bears little or no relevance to the content and will place these lower in the rankings.

Keep titles short

Page titles should be around 5-8 words long or approximately 55 characters. Any good web page building program will allow you to easily specify each page’s title and preview how it looks in a browser so you can be sure the length is appropriate.

Make it snappy

As well as relevant, your page title should also be engaging, encouraging users to click through from the search engine. Popular titles offer solutions to problems, such as “5 easy steps to …” or “Top ten tips for…” and so on. It is useful to have a different title for each page on your site, and this should be easily achievable. If your web page building program does not offer this feature, it is worth considering switching to different program.

Use page titles to help build brand awareness

There is some debate around whether company names have any place in page titles; however it is rare to see a well-known brand that does not use their brand identity in this way. Placing your company name in the title has to be done carefully, but it can be very successful. Consider an interior design company; ‘Company X’ that wants to promote their online house building tool. They could use the title ‘Company X services’ but that is unlikely to win them much traffic. ‘Build an online house and visualize your dreams’ is likely to work better in terms of ranking but does nothing for brand awareness. ‘Build your dream house online with company x’ however ticks all of the boxes – it’s relevant, engaging and gets the brand name out there.

Although creating relevant engaging page titles is important, it need not be complex or overly time consuming. If your content is good enough, relevant titles should jump out at you from the page, and with a bit of careful consideration anyone can use titles to help improve their site’s performance.

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