Why You Should Be Using Tags To SEO Your Site

Blog writers often underestimate the power of tagging their posts.

When you want to SEO your website you want to use every tool at your disposal to make your pages easy to find. Tagging posts allows you to categorize every post you make by naming keywords relevant to what you discuss in the article. This will make it easier for your current readers to find older posts on your blog, but it also increases the chance that your blog post will appear on a search engine when someone types in a similar phrase.

Your tags should link back to the title of the article.

Clever titles may be fun, but they leave the reader guessing about what you will discuss in your writing. Using SEO titles helps you market the article more easily because you can link the page to anyone discussing a similar topic. Your readers may also see the title and pass it on to someone else without reading it first because the title sounds like something a friend might enjoy. Consider the title your thesis statement for the page. Every aspect of your design, from the paragraphs that follow to the tags at the end should link back to this sentence.

Many bloggers make the mistake of making their tags too broad.

You want to include a few general tags such as “fashion” or “pop culture” to help organize your blog, but you also want to include two or three tags that name specific elements of the post. For example, SEO titles about pop culture should be tagged with a specific celebrity’s name, the place where the event occurred or the name of the album you are reviewing. This way people can get a feel for what the article is about at a glance and decide if it is something they want to read.

You should also SEO your website by turning your tags into links.

On your webpage these links can filter back to similar articles that you have already written. When you advertise your blog elsewhere, tag specific words and hyperlink them back to your post. This will draw in new viewers which are more likely to be interested in the kind of information that you provide. These tags can also be set to search engine results. This is especially helpful for those talking about current events that people may be searching for right now.

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