Why Is It Important To Create Unique Content?

The phrase ‘content is king’ is often used online among SEO experts and marketing strategists, and is one of the most important aspects of ensuring that your site is successful in attracting targeted search engine traffic. Of the things to consider when creating content for websites, titles and keywords do play an important role, however if the content is not unique and of good quality, your site is very unlikely to be successful.

The role of search engines

To understand the importance of content in SEO, it helps to consider how search engines operate, and how they make their money. A search engine succeeds by building up a loyal repeated user base, which they attract by offering up relevant and trustworthy search results. The internet is full of competing search engines, and the most successful such as Google have gained their success by developing a set of algorithms designed to weed out irrelevant, poorly written and structured content. Most of the time people use search engines because they want quick and easy access to information, so the better the quality of the information the search engine serves up, the more likely the user is to return. Therefore, the better the quality of the information in your website, the higher it is likely to rank in the more successful search engines.

Quality, Relevance, Uniqueness Quality, relevance and uniqueness are the three most important aspects of content. Relevance is easy to understand – your keywords and titles should be relevant to the content in your site. If your site appears to be pretending to be something it is not, search engines will quickly establish this and your rankings will suffer. Quality is also fairly straight-forward, you need good well written copy, free of grammatical and spelling errors. However, uniqueness is somewhat more difficult to achieve. This is why it is important to have a strategy 4 SEO

Be Unique

When you create website content, you should consider how best to make your content unique, as regardless of your website’s focus you can be sure that there are thousands of similar sites all jostling for their share of search engine traffic. Making your content unique can help your site stand out from the crowd. There are many ways to achieve this, however perhaps one of the most successful is expertise in the subject you are writing about. There is so much search engine filler content circulating on the web today that an expert writing about a topic they know and understand is a rarity, and expert content is much less likely to get caught in content duplication filters. If you are not an expert on the topic, consider hiring one to create website content for you – it may be more expensive but it is likely to be money well spent. You can check out fiverr, you can find some really good writers for your website content for only $5 for a 400-500 word article.

User generated content is also highly valued among webmasters looking to generate unique content but genuine user generated content can take a long time and effort to generate, and it can be a very slow process. If your ultimate goal is to build a successful community generating content for your site, be prepared to be in it for the long haul and supplement your user generated content along the way.

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