Web Design On It’s Own is Practically Useless

Let me share with you folks about a situation that I had about my website long ago. I created my website and added plenty of content. I wanted my web design to be top notch and perfect for my viewers. I want to give them fast loading content and a great sense of control. I’ve focused most of my time on the web design to make sure everything is progressing smoothly. Eventually, I’ve perfected the web design and started the website hopefully I would attract plenty of people.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I was getting weak inconsistent traffic. I didn’t understand why? because my website looked absolutely magnificent. It had many images and videos with plenty of information and everything  easily accessible. I would always ask myself: “What’s wrong with my website? Am I missing anything?” I did some research and found out that the web design on its own is practically useless. All that wasted effort!

Today, I will try to prevent you from going through the harsh route I took by explaining what you can do to improve your website besides focusing primarily on web design.

Focus More on Your Content

You have to understand that your web design is only one third of your success. Yes, it’s important for your site to look great, but what good will it do if your content is mediocre? It doesn’t need to be extremely lengthy, but a good amount to keep your viewers entertained, informed, and interested. After all people go online to research information right? So you need to give them what they are looking for. I’d say at least 400-500 words and beyond is a great amount. Keep it unique, original, and interesting for your viewers to ensure that you site is actually credible and you are not copying content from other site. [Read: Avoid Duplicate Content Penalties]

Have Your Website Optimized For The Search Engine

Web design is 33% and high quality content is the next 33% of the process. So what’s the last 34% of the process? Search engine optimization. It will be hard for you to gain consistent traffic if you only focus on the web design. How will people ever find your website? That’s why you should use SEO to get your website enhanced for the search engines. Get it ranked on the search engine so people can find you when they search for the keywords.

Again, don’t just focus on your web design. It’s useless! Content and SEO are more important that will get you ranked.



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