Using Search Engine SEO to Predict Current Events

The internet has proved to be useful on many levels. Infact, it has revolutionized how we conduct business, interact and has even changed the way we communicate and words we use. With an ever increasing use of the internet, could the next big thing be making predictions using search engine queries?

Well, there is an increasing possibility that predicting how current events will turn out may be predetermined just by analyzing search engine SEO.

Local Searches

Local Search

By analyzing search results of a particular area, you will be able to identify what the popular thought is. If for example you are looking for predictions on an event such as the recent American elections, what one would ideally be looking at is the number of people who searched for the terms Obama and Romney. Basically, the more search results a person gets, the higher the chances that this person is the popular candidate. This is because people are more likely to search for a person that they are interested in supporting. The same would also apply with popular TV shows that require voting. You would expect that people will turn to search engines to find out more information on the person that they are looking to vote for as opposed to other competitors.

Growing Interest

Search engines may not only be used to make predictions on current events but also indicate a growing popularity of followers or events. If for example there was a sudden spike in SEO keyword search for a certain contestant following the airing of an episode, this could very well indicate that there is a growing interest in the person hence an emerging strong contestant.

However, search engine SEO can be misleading since the key interest behind the search may be based on a trending topic or something that is unrelated to the event in question. Perhaps a better way to use search engines in predictions is by using the results from social media pages. Social media results can indicate how many page views the event is receiving. With social media; the number of fans, followers and connections may lead to even more accurate predications than using search engine result pages.

To sum it all up, if your question is whether SEO keyword search can be used to predict current events, then the answer is a big yes. However, this endeavor needs proper analysis to identify the keywords used on a wide number of platforms.

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