What Exactly Is SEO?

To be a successful online business or entrepreneur, one must use SEO to bring in quality traffic to their website. However, SEO is quite complex and requires much research, hard work, and patience. Nonetheless, it is a valuable strategy/technique that is rewarding if done correctly. I will explain the general idea of SEO and why it is critical to the success of your business.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization it determines how likely your website will appear in the search engine results. Basically, it allows your site to not only be seen by the search engines, but also when a search term (keywords or phrases) is entered. SEO: Search Engine Optimization will help you rank higher in the search engine results. However, for this to happen, there are a couple factors you must considered.

In order to apply SEO: Search Engine Optimization to your business and website, it is rather important that you provide unique content on your website. The information on your site must grab the attention of the people that visit your site. Google will determine if your website is ‘important’ or not by the constant flow of traffic that appear on the site. If that happens, then your website will appear higher in a search result thus you will gain even more visitors and a better flow of traffic.

Once you got that figured out, the next factor you need to consider is to know who you are competing with. Go on Google and search for keyword that relates to your business. Once the results show, look at the first three to six websites that appear. These are the websites that you have to beat because if your site is listed on the top 10 search results then you will gain a significantly increased traffic. Take a good look at those sites and jot down notes why they can appear so high in the ranking. Is it the keywords they used? Is it the quality of their content? Instead of trying to guess how they are doing it you can use software such as SEO Spyglass which can help you figure out how other sites are doing it. I highly recommend it!

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Another factor that you should consider for SEO: Search Engine Optimization to work is to make sure your website is built in a way that it’s search-engine friendly, but at the same time user-friendly as well. You need your visitors to be comfortable with your website. Make sure the page loads quickly, you don’t want them to keep waiting otherwise; they will simply exit your site. Therefore, once you add high quality content and links within your theme and community than you are heading into the right direction of success!

SEO: Search Engine Optimization is extremely valuable to the success of your business. You need it to appear higher in search engine ranking which determines your success in the online world. Your goal is to appear on the first page of the search results. For that to happen, you need to be focused, determined, and most importantly, patient. Consistently add new content with the right keywords and let SEO: Search Engine Optimization do the rest for you!

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