Successful SEO Tips: Keyword Selection

Over the past decade, the intelligence of organic search has evolved tremendously. However, despite the transformation, some SEO tips are still successful. One of these successful SEO tips is keyword selection. I can not stress this enough, but the root of SEO starts with keyword selection. Without it, you will have a tough time getting ranked.

SEO Tips: Brainstorm keywords that are relevant!

Depending on what your content is about, you must come up with keywords that are relevant to the information that you are presenting to the world. It wouldn’t work if you’re trying to rank for keyword that doesn’t even appear on your website. Common sense eh?


Picture yourself as the consumer or put yourself in their shoes. What will they type in the search bar to look for your content? Therefore, you must avoid vague keywords that will that generate content that is irrelevant to yours. Think specific preferably long tail keywords. Less vague keywords will have less competition giving you a better chance to rank high in the search results. Next, I will explain the necessary volume of your keywords. [ Read: SEO Tips That Will Get You on The First Page of Google]

SEO Tips: Suitable search volume is crucial

seo-tipsThe internet is a gigantic library of endless content and information. Chances are there will be thousands of websites that have content similar to yours. That is the competition of the internet. This isn’t a game of Monoply that you can simply just buy out another real estate or in this case, a website. That’s why you need to make sure the search volume of your keyword is suitable to use.

Stay away from keywords that are extremely high in volume because chances will be slim that you will ever appear on the search results. However, it’s a lot better than going for keywords that are low in search volume. Keywords that are low in search volume means people don’t really search for that term. Stay away from those. Instead, use keywords that have medium to high volume to ensure that there are a good amount of people that are still searching up that term and competition isn’t extremely tough.


Keyword selection is ought to be one of the most important SEO tips. Along with the quality of your content, it basically determines your ranking on a search engine. That’s what Google, MSN, and Yahoo search engines are looking for every time they come across your website. Volume and relevancy are the important factors of keyword selection.

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