So You Want To Increase Web Traffic?


There are many great legitimate ways that you may increase your web traffic consistently. Some may cost you money, but there are ways that you can drive in traffic without costing you a penny. Today, we will be focusing on those techniques that you may use for your convenience. With plenty of effort, hard work, and most importantly patience, you will soon see a consistent increase in web traffic.

SEO Is Your Best Friend

Of course, the best way to increase web traffic is to appear as early as possible (the 1st page!) on search engines. To do so, you have to optimize your content for search engines to determine the quality and credibility of your website. You’d have to write plenty of interesting and unique content and incorporate a good amount of keywords that are relevant of your content and niche. Add in a couple of interesting photos and informative videos to bring out the best of your content.

Therefore, search engines will be able to make a decision like “Hey, this information is great for the people!” and the greatest accomplishment is to be able to be listed on that very first page. Keep in mind, SEO is not instant success. It takes a lot of hard work and a great amount of time to be successful. However, due to Google’s latest update, be sure not to over-link too many pages on your website or too many external links you may suffer a harsh penalty!

Is Your Content Good Enough?

The biggest problem in maintaining a good flow of traffic is having new visitors only visit once and never come back. The problem may lie within the quality of your content. You must make a good first impression on your new visitors for them to keep coming back to any new content that you may offer. To do so, you must take in account if the content is unique and interesting for your viewers. Convince them to keep coming back for more!

A big no-no is to go to other people’s content and reword them for your own use. That’s probably as close as plagiarism as you can get. Search engines like Google aren’t stupid. They will immediately realize your content is copied and plagiarize. Eventually, they will issue you a penalty and possibly a ban to be listed on search results.


Use Forms of Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media right now is booming! Everyone in the world is using a social media website.  People are tweeting on Twitter, posting images on their Tumblr, having good conversations on Facebook, and watching a ton of entertaining videos on YouTube. It’s just a great part of the Internet. So why not get your content involved in social media to boost the popularity and web traffic. Create an account on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube (If you want to post videos for the world to see your content) and begin sharing to the world that you exist on the Internet!

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