SEO Tips That Will Get You on The First Page of Google

Every webmaster’s dream is to get their content on the first page of Google. It’ll be exciting to see your content appear once you enter the particular keyword of your niche. Imagine a consistent increase in web traffic that you’ve always wanted. To reach that goal, you’ll need to use to some SEO tips to optimize your content for the search engine to realize that your information is useful and credible. Here I’ll list several SEO tips that you can use for your webpage, website, or blog.

Content is King

If you search for a particular keyword of a niche on Google and click on any link on the first page, take note of the structure of content and how it is written. As you can see, the articles are perfect in length, not too long and not too short. A great amount of text is around 350-500 words. However, it’s always better to write longer content with optimized titles, images, and headings because of the tough competition that you have to go up against. Of course, the content must be unique, original, and interesting to attract the attention of the people. Never copy, re-word, or plagiarize other people’s content or you’ll face an immediate ban by Google.

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Consistency must be your long term goal

In order for Google to realize that your website is credible, you must consistently provide great content preferably on a daily basis. There is no better feeling than to know that you have the same visitors who come back to your website for updates. Consistent content will lead to consistent web traffic. Mark this as your long term for the benefit of the people and the credibility of your website.

Be creative on the title space

This SEO tip is an excellent way to let your viewers know what they can expect from your content. You must brainstorm to create an attractive and relevant title in the title space. However, you have only 50 characters available so it can’t be extremely lengthy. The creativity and relevancy of your title is a key factor in getting a high rank on Google so use it to your advantage.

Backlinks are beneficial

To further increase the credibility of your website and content, you’ll need to get some links back from other websites of your particular niche. Success usually comes in the form of teamwork. Social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook has plenty of high web traffic and it’ll be excellent if you are able to get links back from them as well. Never spam your links, instead come up with a good story that is believable and interesting for them to link back to you.

These are my SEO tips that I recommend you use. Do you have any tips that you would like discuss and share?

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