SEO Guide for Beginners

SEO, SEO, and more SEO. You hear this term so many times, but yet you have no idea what this means. People say it will help your business rank higher in search engines. Is this true or a lie? In fact, SEO is indeed a technique or strategy that can help you boost your search engine rankings. However, it takes a lot of hard work and patience. Fortunately, I took the time to write up a simple SEO Guide that will take you through the basics of SEO.

How SEO Truly Works

The main purpose you should focus on with SEO is to help people who are looking for you find you. Show them that you are here to help them. But how can you do that?

You need to learn how SEO will work for you. To understand this, you need to consider what your goals are in your business. Then, you want to match those goals to the goals of your visitors. It’s not about traffic, it’s about figuring out what you want and then finding the right keywords that will bring visitors to your website who want the same things.

The next point I would like to discuss in this SEO Guide is keywords. Oh yeah, you have to spend most of your time researching the right ones.

Find the Right Keywords

This is the part where you have to be patient because researching for the right keywords can be tedious. First, I recommend you search for keywords that have a high search volume. These are usually the keywords that people are looking for. Next, it’s a good idea to look for keywords that have low competition. This means the smaller amount of results will increase your chances of ranking higher. Most importantly, these keywords have to be relevant to your content! A great tool to look for the right keywords is the Google Adword Keywords Tool.

Next, don’t think that a keyword that has extremely HIGH searches will be useful for you. Unfortunately, this is not true. In fact, it will not help you because there are already so many websites with the same keywords therefore the competition is high. Instead, look for some of the less popular keywords too and incorporate them into your overall plan. It never hurts to have a little bit of everything. Am I right?

High Quality Content Is a MUST

Once you add quality content to your website, search engines will start crawling it trying to read the information. They will see what your site is about and decide which keywords your website should rank for.

However, don’t write because you only want to appear higher in the search engine rankings. This will most likely make your content extremely boring to read. Think about the people who will visit your site to look for something interesting to read. If they see boring content like that then they will never come back to your site again. Therefore, it is important you provide high quality content on your website. Here are some points you should consider.

  • Titles: Think of some titles that will grab your visitor’s attention.
  • Keywords: Pick the right keywords that are relevant to your content and will bring visitors to your website.
  • Links: Link to quality sites that is similar to what your website is about. In return they will link to you too. Teamwork is essential!
  • Quality: Once again, I can not say this enough. High original quality articles are important!
  • Freshness: Consistently add new content to your site to give your visitors a reason to come back!

I hope this simple SEO Guide can help direct you in the right direction to success. Keep in mind though; it requires hard work and quite some time for you to achieve that success. Thanks for reading this SEO Guide and I wish you the best of luck to aim for the highest rank possible!

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