Question of the Day: What Is SEO?

People around the world have been discussing about SEO on a daily basis. What is SEO? What are the benefits? How can I use it? Those are probably the most common questions that are being asked on the Internet. And yet, SEO is such a complex topic that has so many ways to be answered. One thing is for sure though, every one business on the interest is using SEO. If you’re confused on what exactly is SEO, then you’ve come to the right article to clarify this term. For your convenience, I will explain in the simplest way of what SEO is, what will it do for you, and how you can use it to enhance your web content.


What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s basically a way to optimize your content for search engines to find you. They will make a decision about how credible and unique your content is. They will take in-depth information about your content that includes images and videos that you’ve uploaded within the text and the quality. Be careful, because search engines are really smart and will be able to notice if your content is copied or plagiarized. If so, you’ll be on the blacklist which is also known as black hat SEO (never be able to appear on the search results).

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Avoiding Duplicate Content Penalties

What will SEO do for you?

what-will-seo-do-for-youOnce the decision is made that your content is credible with excellent quality, the search engine will determine a search ranking for you. This will decide on what page your website content will be listed in the search results. You may be listed on the 5th page or if you’re really good, you might make the 1st page. Every webmaster’s dream is to appear on the first page! If you get a good enough search ranking, you will notice the popularity of your website skyrocketing into the air!

How can you use SEO?

Content is the #1 key. You have to make sure your content is unique, interesting, and original. Don’t use other people’s work and reword it for your own good. That’s copying and will result in a penalty. Instead, write about a specific topic and always stay on track. Next, you have to incorporate certain keyword(s) that is relevant to your topic and niche. That’s usually what search engines are looking for because you have to realize what your audience would want to search to be able to find you.

Lastly, backlinking is vital in SEO to be successful. Try to get a good amount of backlinks from other sites that are similar to your niche and from the ever popular social media websites. Therefore, search engines will realize that your website is credible enough for a better search rank.

If you have additional info which works for you, do let me know via comments. I would love to hear from you!

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