Performing Accurate Keyword Research

 Getting your website online is easy.  All you need is an internet connection and the ability to create a website or hire the right company to make one for you.  Within a week, you can have a sleek site, a linked e-commerce store and a blog that allows you to talk about all the cool things your product can do.  Everything is perfect and yet web traffic is only trickling in.  Why is that?  While it is easy to get on, you are in competition with millions of other websites and thousands that probably cater to the same business as you.  If you want to get the traffic you deserve you need to learn more about keyword research for SEO.


Search engine optimization has been the primary method that website developers have adapted to increase their sites in the search rankings for years.  By encouraging organic content and websites that are easy to navigate, SEO is necessary to get the foundation on the World Wide Web that you need.  At the foundation of SEO is the use of keywords.  These words are those that people type in every day like “pest control products” or “online gaming” to get access to the things they want.  By doing your own keyword research for SEO, you can focus on a few particulars that strongly identify with your site and quickly open yourself up to a huge amount of search engine traffic. 

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It might sound easy, but there are several pitfalls that you have to watch out for when choosing your SEO keywords.  The best way to start is by making a list of keywords and key phrases that you like.  Then utilize keyword research software to help narrow down the list into words that have a balance between hit ratio and competition from similar sites.  There are plenty of programs that can help you with this and some are even free, but don’t rely solely on the results of just one program, because they can be inaccurate.

To get the most accurate traffic data, Google’s Adword is a good way to test the conversion rate that is people who will actually click on your site from the search results.  By buying some test traffic and setting the search parameters for “exact match” you can get a good idea of how you will fair against your competitors using the exact same keyword you want.  Keyword research software is a great tool to narrow down the keywords that are best suited for your business and give you the search engine traffic you need.

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