Is Having Too Many External Links Bad For SEO?

When people are practicing SEO for their website, I always tell them to do it for the people not for the search engines. The main objective of any content website is to satisfy the visitors who are looking for valuable information.  However, people tend to move away from that and use SEO for the sole purpose of getting better search results. Therefore, one way people try to make their website more appealing for search engines is to include plenty of external links.

Unfortunately, having too many external links is a bad factor for SEO. One thing is for sure, it is horrible for people who are visiting your website. Too many external links will indefinitely slow down your website. People love websites that load quickly and smoothly. They will continue to come back to your website because of how fast your website loads its valuable content. Therefore, you will lose natural traffic if you have a bunch of bizarre links scattered all over your website.

Next, having too many external links will make your site look disorganized. This is also another factor that will be unappealing for people to visit. Why would anyone want to visit a website that has a lot of links all over the place that looks like a big mess? The lack of organization will be annoying for them and annoying for you if you see the traffic of your site starting to slip significantly.

I can’t stress this enough to tell people to use SEO for the purpose of helping visitors find the information they need. In my opinion, the best way to do that is to keep the links to a minimum level. The people would love to see the information to instantly appear on their monitor. They will keep coming back to your website providing you a consistent flow of traffic. Google would also love your website if you keep your external links to a low. It will prevent them from issuing you penalties because too many links will be suspicious for them.

Therefore, if you’re using SEO, you must focus on doing it for the people. Keep the content fresh, interesting, and unique for your visitors. If you plan on using external links, limit them to a number that makes sense on a single page. Lastly, make sure your website is well organized for the convenience of your visitors. Then, you’ll be amazed on how steady and consistent the web traffic will become.

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