How To Use Press Releases Properly

Press releases are one of the most effective publicity tools, and have been used by PR professionals across all industries for over 50 years. They can be used for many different purposes from announcing new product launches, film and music releases, to drumming up support for charity events and local community activities. Possibly the best thing about press releases is that the resulting publicity is free, and delivered to your target audience by a trusted source. These press release tips will help you to make the most of press releases to help promote your business.

Why media companies like press releases

All print publications have a set amount of space to fill in each edition, and editorial staff are often pressed for time and under pressure to fill this space. You may have noticed that most publications, whether they focus on general news or more niche interests, have space set aside on a regular basis to dedicate to new products, entertainment and events. What you might not know is that editorial staff rely on press releases to fill this space, and companies who release well-crafted and well-timed press releases often benefit from publicity that they simply could not afford to buy.

Creating a press release

Online Press Relase

Traditionally, press releases have been the premise of large-scale PR firms and have been mainly in the form of ‘media kits’ which often contain images, product brochures, samples and detailed specifications. However, with the internet being used more and more to send and receive press releases, the doors have opened for anyone to use press releases for publicity, with varying degrees of success.

Often when inexperienced people try to harness the power of the press release for their business, they end up littering the arena with unwanted, un-newsworthy content that is immediately ignored by editorial staff. This flooding of the market can make it difficult for individuals without large well known PR companies working for them to make their voice heard but there are one or two simple press release tips you can follow to make yours stand out from the crowd.

Be newsworthy. Don’t release frivolous, irrelevant press releases. Good examples of newsworthy content are:

New product launches
Product recalls
Company launches
Expansion leading to hiring of staff
Charity Events
Company mergers/partnerships

Be relevant. Don’t send press releases to publications that are likely to have little interest in the subject matter. Sending a press release to every publication you can think of regardless of its relevance to their audience is likely to alienate staff and reduce the likelihood of that publication picking up your future press releases. For example, do not send a local event press release to a national publication, target small local publications instead.
Ensure your press release is engaging and well-written. Editorial staff is unlikely to take the time to read through an unenticing or poorly written release. They are also under pressure and working to a deadline – the better written your press release is, the less editing they have to do before they publish it.

There are a lot of people out there shouting very loud for publicity – the key is to ensure you’re shouting loudly, shouting well, and shouting at the right people. Following these simple tips should help you get started on the road to PR success.

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