How To Build Backlinks For Your Site

To be successful in SEO, quality backlinks are extremely crucial. However, many people have trouble getting them on their website. The problem is you don’t expect backlinks to just come naturally to your site. It requires a lot of patience and hard work. In this article, I will show you the natural way to build backlinks, additional ways to build backlinks, and also some backlink building techniques that you should stay away from.

The Natural Way of Building Backlinks

The natural way of building backlinks comes down to one factor: High Quality Content.  Content is King when it comes to SEO and it determines if your website is good enough to rank higher in search engine listings. However, to do so, your content has to be unique, original, and relevant to whatever your business is. Sooner or later, other websites and people will start linking to you thus creating even more traffic. There’s more than just the natural way of building backlinks.  Next, I will describe other ways that you can put a little more effort into to build more backlinks.

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Additional Ways to Build Backlinks

Some acceptable ways to gain more backlinks is to get listed in directories, posting your link in forums, articles, and blogs. First, you’ll have to use the Backlink Builder tool to find the list of sites that is relevant to yours where you can post a message, comment, or even a backlink to your site. Simply input the keywords of your choice and browse through the list of sites that you want to look into.

Furthermore, I say they are acceptable because there are some ways that are unacceptable and will ruin the reputation of your website. These ways include, inter-linking (link from one site to another), linking to link farms, and linking to illegal sites or ‘spam’ sites. Once Google detects you are using any these unacceptable way then it will immediately ban your site from the search engine listings.

Avoid These Practices At All Costs!

  • Getting a lot of links in a short amount of time is something you should stay from. It looks suspicious and not normal. Search engines will notice you immediately that you are attracting links at a abnormal rate and unfortunately disregard your site.
  • Avoid participating in link exchange.  Be aware that some link exchanges are link farm which is an illegal way to get backlinks. It is extremely risky and search engines will be able to detect your irregular activity with ease.


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