How to Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Taking your business online is a great way to gain access to cheap advertisement and a group of millions of people that defies geographical borders. Unfortunately, just because it is easy to get everything set up, it does not mean that it is easy to funnel the traffic to your site that you need. To do this you need to play a tricky balancing game with your website. Most search engines today focus on two separate sets of parameters: semantic searching and search engine optimization (SEO).

There are several website search optimization tactics that you can employ to help improve search engine ranking and increase the likelihood of enticing more potential customers. SEO has been the tried-and-true method for a long time and these kinds of tactics focus on making it easy for search engine web crawlers to navigate your site and including particular keywords that will raise you up in the rankings. However, some people go a bit too far and stuff a page full of one particular keyword just to get to page one of the search results; this is called keyword stuffing.

It is because of these kinds of tactics, known as black hat tactics, that semantics search algorithms were put into play. These parameters improve search engine ranking by going through a website and checking for quality content, looking for low-quality links and ferreting out anything that even looks like a black hat tactic. If it does find something, your website could get pushed down in the rankings or banned completely.

You shouldn’t count SEO out though because there are plenty of ways to make sure that your website will not be marked for keyword stuffing. The best thing to do that will help both your SEO and semantics strategies is to write naturally. If it doesn’t feel like the keyword belongs there, don’t try to force it in. Also make sure to place all of the keywords where the visitor can see them. There are plenty of ways for you to hide text, such as making the font the same color as the background. This will not stop a web crawler from finding them.

Website Search Optimization is a great way to get the traffic that you need for your website, but you have to be careful with how you use it. You can’t just throw keywords around o your website, because not only will it annoy anyone who visits, it can also lower your rank rather than increase it.

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