How Long Tail Keywords Will Also Help Your Website

Content is King in SEO and keywords is the right hand man. Put those two together and your website is good to go. However, many people fail to realize that keywords are extremely important as well. Without the proper keywords, your content will never be found no matter how good it is. Search engines want to look for specific keywords on your content to determine if they are good enough to be listed. Unfortunately, there is another factor that comes into play.

competingCompetition. And lots of it. If you’re using a vague keyword, chances are you are going to be competing with tons of other websites that are also using those keywords. Thus, depending on quality, size of your content, and also how long your website has been up, you will have a hard time to publishing your content for the world to see.

Therefore, to increase your chances for SEO success, you should use long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are key phrases with generally 2-3 words that are more specific and target a certain audience. Long tail keywords are definitely less competitive and draw less traffic since not everyone will search those keywords. However, it will drive high quality traffic and will boost the credibility of your website. For example, if you specialize in clothing, don’t use “t-shirts” as one of your keywords in your article. Instead, you may use a long tail keyword like “green superhero t-shirt” so that when people are actually search for those keywords then they are most likely going to find you.

 First things first, brainstorm the right long tail keywords

Before you start writing your brilliant and high quality content, take a deep breath and plan out the right choice for your keyword. Like I said before, don’t be too vague with the keyword, but be more specific. Stay away from high competition, but don’t lean too far to low competition. You should always check how many global searches per month on your specific keyword. Try using the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool to help you decide.

 Great Keyword Placement = Credibility

Don’t overflood your content with keywords everywhere. That will lead you to failure and search engines will reject your content. Instead, have all of your long tail keywords neatly placed in title tags, description tags, link, sub-headings, and diverse them in your content.

Backlinking Is your Friend

Lastly, another key factor that search engines look for is the good amount of websites and pages that link to your content. This will show them that your content is trustworthy, valuable, and informative. To do so, if your content is interesting enough, you may convince readers to link to you. You may also post your content on other blogs that have similar niche as you.

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  1. Skip on April 16, 2013

    This is very true. Trying long tail keywords has made some significant changes to my website. Thanks for sharing

  2. Wallace R. Author on April 23, 2013

    Skip, Thank you for commenting on my blog. I hope the information was helpful!


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