Beware of Black Hat SEO!

SEO is one of the most widely used strategies today. Everyone wants to get a higher search ranking and appear higher in search results. It seems like they will desperately do anything to achieve that goal. Yes, SEO is an excellent way to help you business, but it depends on how you use it. Therefore, there are some factors that you should be aware of when you apply SEO strategies to your business. Some of these strategies are labeled as black hat SEO.

What is black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is a technique or strategy that tries to cheat the search engine system in order to boost ones search engine ranking. If search engines catch you using black hat SEO techniques then you will be banned from ever appearing in the search results. Therefore, you must be careful and not use black hat SEO if you plan on having your website on search engines. Here are some factors that you should refrain from doing.

Keyword Shuffling

Having more keywords doesn’t mean you will get noticed by people when they are using the search engine to find information they need. You will get noticed but not the kind of attention you want though. Search engines aren’t stupid. They will be able to find that there is something wrong with your site and will ban you from search engines. Especially if you have a lot of keyword stuffing and hidden text behind your html code trying to fool the search engines.

Spamming Other Sites

So you’re constantly going to other people’s blogs and websites just to post how great your site is with a link, over and over again. Okay, I don’t like it. I’m sure other people don’t like it. Or you may post on other sites that have absolutely nothing to do your with site. This is called spam and it is really annoying. Worst of all, people would just ignore you. So why bother?

Posting The Same Article

Here is another black hat SEO technique that you should immediately stop doing if you’re doing it. Don’t go to a bunch of submission sites so that you can post the same article for everyone to see. It will degrade your authority as a writer and web owner. I mean, I don’t want to search for something and then see the same article appearing on numerous sites. This is also considered as spam.

Beware! Some SEO firms or consultants will use these technique if you don’t pay attention to them. Always know who you are hiring and find out what they do before you sign that contract! It will only come back and bite your behind. Good luck!

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