3 Rules of SEO Marketing That You Should Acknowledge

What is SEO marketing?

So you’ve already got your website up and running. All your content and pictures are nicely placed and everything is good to go. However, after a couple of days, you realize there isn’t much traffic on your website. How can this happen even though you worked so hard in building up your website? I suggest you learn more about SEO marketing to help your website get noticed. Search Engine Optimization will help present your website to millions of people on the Internet. Therefore, you will appear higher in the search results from a search engine and even more people will be able to find your website.

A search engine is how people find the information they need. Chances are you probably used a search engine to find this article. Therefore, it is extremely important that your website appears higher in the search results. I recommend you acknowledge these three rules of SEO marketing to help you reach your goal.

RULE #1: Always Provide High Quality Content

Your website must be original and unique. Do not copy other people’s work you will get in trouble for having duplicate content and post it as your own. The Panda is watching you! Google and other search engines will find your plagiarized content and disregard it as one of the search results. Therefore, your website will never appear on a search engine and you will lose a ton of traffic. Imagine if you put in a lot of hard work into building your site only to go copy someone’s work and only to get banned from search engines. I suggest you provide high quality content to grab your viewer’s attention so that they have a reason to come back to your website. Quality always beats quantity.[Read More on Avoiding Duplicate Content Penalties]

RULE #2: Use The Right Keywords

To get your website noticed, you have to find the right keywords to use. If you can’t think of any I suggest you use the free Google AdWords Keyword Tool to help you find suitable keywords for your business. It is best to find keywords that have Low to Medium competition and a decent amount of searches. For example, if your business is about t-shirts then you can use “the green lantern t-shirts” as one of your keyword phrases instead of just “t-shirts” which has extremely high competition.

RULE #3: Build Backlinks  To Your Website! 

Provide links of your website everywhere! You may guest blog and post your link there so people may find out your website. In addition to that, be sure to sign up on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter and add your link to your profile to expand your business even further. Lastly, use YouTube as another way to get more people to find out your business. Include links of your website in all of your videos and the profile page. Keep in mind you need to build quality backlinks that are relevant to your content. This is important in SEO marketing and the success of your business.

The bottom line is if you acknowledge these three basic rules of SEO marketing then you are well on your way to have your business appear on the first page of search results!

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