Top 5 SEO Tools You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

SEO may be a tough challenge especially today since competition everywhere on the Internet is so high. Therefore, it’s best that you consider using some SEO tools that will help you overcome this challenge. I organized a small list of the top 5 SEO tools that is available today.

#1 Internet Marketing Ninjas

This website is absolutely packed with information and tools that will help you SEO experience.  There are tools about keyword comparison, link analyzer, and even meta tags. I highly recommend you to spend some time on this website as it will give you valuable tips with internet marketing.

#2 Rank Checker by

This is an awesome tool that you can use to check your rankings. However, the free version can only check 5 keywords a day. Best of all, it saves the keywords for you so you don’t have to check up the same keywords again. Another cool feature of this SEO tool is that you can install their software so that it can copy your URL of the page you visited to check the rankings.

#3 Keyword Density & Prominence Tool by

This SEO tool is extremely useful if you want to analyze the density of keywords of a particular website or webpage. Once you enter the URL of a particular website, there is a detailed graph of each keyword or phrases that appear on the website and their density level. This a very detailed tool to use.

#4 SEO Book 

If you’re looking for an SEO Tool that will provide you with in depth statistics on ranking, backlinks, and validation then look no further because Xinu BETA has it all. Best of all, all that information appears on one page! It will save you a lot of valuable time. Furthermore, you can even download the tool and install it on your own server. This is an SEO tool that you must consider using. It is actually my favorite that I have been using for some time now and I am getting pretty good results with it on my other sites.

#5 YouTube!

YouTube is a creative way to get your content out to the world. Therefore, you will have tons of people watching and discussing about your business. YouTube is owned by Google and is the 2nd most used search engine next to Google itself. This is a great SEO tool to jump start your SEO experience.

There are many SEO tools available on the Internet, but I think these tools are the ones you should focus on. They have everything you need to know to come out on top of the SEO challenge.

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