What Is Going With The Trend In Mobile Apps?

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Mobile applications are now greatly in demand because of the great flux in smart phones and mobiles. The consumer demands dictate the development of mobile applications and mobile app developers who do not follow the latest mobile app trends are bound to find it difficult to survive in this highly competitive business. Here are a few of the latest trends in mobile application.

Business Apps

Initially mobile and smart phones were only used for infotainment and social networking. However, as the technology has improved and smart phones have become popular, business men and people in the corporate world are now using the smart phones to enhance their performance and increase effectiveness. This is the reason that downloading of business apps has increased greatly and is likely to increase more as new apps are being introduced to the market.

Mobile Commerce

Another area which has seen growth is mobile commerce, as more and more people now want to use their smart phones as credit cards. Even banks are now creating apps that allow their customers to pay their bills and carry out other transactions using their mobiles. Mobile app developersneed to make sure that their applications and services for mobile commerce are secure. Near Field Communication commonly known as ‘NFC’ technology is now available in the latest mobile smart phones, and the app developers need to make use of this technology to enable consumers to use their mobile as a contact less payment card.

Context Based Services

More and more people now want to get the location of different places and stores by using their mobiles and smart phones. The app developers need to focus on this new trend and should make sure that they get it out fastest with the most features to gain a fair market share.Now there are not many mobile specific applications for this purpose because people normally use the internet and social networking sites for this sort of information.


Apps Using Cloud Services

Cloud services have finally come to the front and app developers need to make sure that they use the cloud services to provide the best experience to their users.Now, cloud services are being used to enable users to switch seamlessly between different devices and from one OS to another. There is much more scope than that in cloud computing.

These latest mobile app trends have come up because consumers now want to use their mobile phones for much more than just infotainment and communication.



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  1. Lisa on April 16, 2013

    Hi Wallace!

    Enjoyed your insights into the mobile app trends. Smartphone and mobile apps are changing the way we do business and everyday things in life! It’s mindboggling! Facebook has over 470 million FB app users! It will be interesting to see how mobile apps further change the way we do things in the future.

    Thanks for the informative content! Enjoy your day!
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    • Wallace R. Author on April 19, 2013

      Lisa, Thanks for your comment. I am very interested to see what things will be like in the next decade or so


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