Reasons Why Search Engine Optimization Will Never Die

People always mention this ridiculous topic over and over again that search engine optimization will eventually die. It was brought up several years ago that search engine optimization will soon die out. Now it’s almost the end of the year 2012, and believe or not, many people are still optimizing their high quality content on their websites. The truth is search engine optimization will always be a valuable resource for the present day and the near future. Five to ten years later people will probably bring up this topic again. Here are the reasons why search engine optimization will never die.

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SEO benefits everyone!That’s basically the main reason why it still here. SEO doesn’t only benefit you, the webmaster or web owner, but also all those people who are viewing your content. Imagine a world without SEO and how hard it will be to find great unique content for your viewing pleasure. It will be such a rough world and credibility will be hard to find. Here are some examples of the benefits of search engine optimization.

    • Extremely simple to use, global navigation template is keyword optimized
    • Elimination of annoyances such as broken links and tech errors
    • Content are keyword focused thus providing you with relevant information that you are looking for
    • All content is 100% free of spelling and grammar errors
    • Links of relevant sites are available providing you with even more content with  a simple click of a button
    • Say goodbye to reading copied or duplicate content
    • No need to wait a long time for pages to load
    • Not only the content is optimized, but so is the videos and images to provide you further relevant and meaningful information

Of course, these are only a few examples of how SEO can benefit your viewers. 


Able to communicate with your viewers and customers

People don’t realize that the sole purpose of keyword is not just an SEO factor, but also a marketing technique as well. Think about it. You use great relevant keywords to get your product out to the world for people to find you. Then, once they do come upon your content, they want to know more and would want to communicate with you. That’s the brilliance of SEO because you are able to get closer to your viewers thus forming a stronger relationship bond between them.


Who doesn’t like bling bling?

The last reason why search engine optimization will never die is that it simply makes money. Thanks to Google’s popularity. If your content is top notch and well optimized then Google will provide you consistent traffic. There is plenty of competition and opportunities to make lots of bling. Who wouldn’t like that?

Do you have a different opinion about search engine optimization? Think it will die soon? Please discuss!


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