Panda Update 21 and Its Impact on SEO

Google Panda updates come with major SEO changes. This time around, Panda update 21 is affecting English queries to a tune of 1.1%. The Panda update SEO is also set to affect queries which regular users notice though on a slightly lower margin at 0.4%. This latest panda update comes just a few weeks after the release of Panda 20 which was released in September.

The Panda update SEO effects may have already started being felt as many sites have dropped in rankings. The new changes have been designed to lock out sites with what Google considers to be poor content from scheming their way to top positions in their search engine results. For sites that are yet to be hit, time is of essence to improve on your content in order to avoid Panda hits; considering that once your search engine results go down getting restoring your site to its former glory is quite the hurdle.

Google Panda attributes its penalties on sites on:

Quality: By quality, Google is ideally looking for fresh content and not duplicated or rewritten articles.

Relevance: The site must be useful to users and have return visitors, great click through rates, and visit durations amongst other factors.

  1. One thing to remember is that Google’s Panda algorithm is changed based on the user feedback the organization receives. If your site is a victim of the Panda SEO Google update, below are a few things you can do to recover your site’s SEO
    • Delete pages that have rewritten or copied content. If this is one of your SEO practices then you may actually deserve the penalty. Online content is all about having fresh unique content and not simply working off what others have published. [Read More On Avoiding Duplicate Content Penalties]
    • Re-examine page quality. Poor quality pages are frowned upon by Google. You may want to analyze your pages to ensure that they are not being brought down by poor structure.
    • Reconsider advertisement. For a long time, people used advertisements as way to improve their rankings. With Panda, filling your pages with advertisements is not going to get good considerations and may actually be the cause of your drooped rankings.
    • Avoid over-optimization. Unnatural wording in the name of search engine rankings is not going to work. Use your keywords subtly to avoid keyword stuffing and also ensure that your sentences actually make sense.

The overall point of these changes should be to provide a great online experience and not just for the sake of Panda SEO Google.

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