How The Google Algorithm affects Article Marketing

Google is one of the most popular and the leading Search Engine that is being used by millions of people every day for internet research. Having a page ranking highly on Google SERPs is a sure shot way of attracting traffic towards a website. In the past few years, Google has updated its algorithms in order to make the indexing and page ranking procedure more accurate. The major impact of these algorithm updates have been felt by the article marketers who have now found that their web promotion strategies, mainly article marketing, might not get them the results they are looking for.

Effects Of The Penguin Update

The Google Penguin Update, the latest Google Algorithm, which has now been enforced by Google, checks the health of the backlinks that your website has received and the sources from where these back links have been generated. If most of your back links originate from poorly written or wrongly structured articles, then Google is going to down rank your website. Moreover, if your backlinks are from online article directories only and have not originated from multiple sources like blogs, social networking websites and PDF articles directories then too Google is going to drop your web page from its searches.

Effects Of The Panda Update

The Google Panda Update, which was enforced prior to the Google Penguin, checks the quality of the articles that are providing backlinks to your website. If the quality and standard of the articles is not up to the mark and they contain critical grammatical mistakes then Google is going to down-list your website on its SERPs. However, if the articles are of sufficiently publication standard then the Panda update is not going to do any harm to them and they will keep providing back links to your website.

Effects Of The Disavow Link Tool

The Disavow Link tool is another of the latest Google algorithm that has been enforced by the company. This tool provides the users the chance to inform Google about the back link sources that are not of the desired quality level. This way, the company will be able to get rid of those back links to your website or blog that are not healthy for your website. Even though this is going to lower the Google Page Rank of the website for a little while but those links would not be able to harm your website’s ranking ever again.

In short, the Google algorithm updates do affect the web promotion strategies of the article marketers but they do so in a nice way, which is going to save them from a lot of trouble in the long run.

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