How Google will alter moving search engine results

Google’s search engine results are now changing to accommodate what they refer to as fresher results. This bid to improve search engine ranking is set to have a major impact on your search engine optimizer with 35% of Google’s searches being altered. This is definitely a larger alteration to the Panda update that was said to affect about 12% of all Google searches.

So what exactly do these moving search engine results mean for you and what kind of impact can you expect?

Recurring Topics Results

Results on recurring events such as elections or game results will also give you the latest news and not archive stories from decades ago. This alteration is regardless of whether or not you use keywords in your search since the search engine will assume that you want the latest news.


Besides recurring events or trending topics, the search engine will also have frequent updates on whatever it is you are searching for. This could be cars or just information on a certain topic. This means that you will get the freshest information for your search and not have to go through lists of outdated information.


If you are wondering what kind of results you used to get before this improvement on search engine ranking was rolled out maybe this will help. Google’s algorithm impact on fresh content stood at 35%, now this has doubled to 35% meaning you will have twice as many new results as you previously had.

A search engine optimizer who thinks he or she can simply makes minor changes to content to give it a fresh look is not going to succeed since the search engine is determining fresh content based on when web crawlers first identified the page. This means that the search engine has a well laid out system of identifying fresh changes.

The move to improve search engine ranking based on fresh content is without a doubt a welcome addition because when people search for particular items, products or news, what they are ideally looking for is the latest information available.

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