Opening a PPC Account

A PPC management account refers to pay per click campaigns that are spread through secondary channels. Instead of focusing all of your SEO attention on major search engines, a PPC channel will embed links to your website or an article you have written on other webpages with similar content. The beauty of this type of SEO marketing is that you will only pay for links that draw in customers. After a certain amount of time, typically one month, your links will be reevaluated. Those which brought in viewers will be re-launched, and those which were duds will be taken down or relocated.

Before you can start placing links, think about what kind of viewers you are hoping to bring in. PPC accounts intended to promote branding might work better on a blog or forum. Advertising links should be posted in customer review platforms or press releases. Draw up a list of specific consumer groups you are hoping to reach so you can form a list of specific venues for your links. This will give your PPC manager an idea of what your goals are to maximize your potential earnings from the campaign.

Start with a restricted sprinkling of links and move into a larger spectrum as your business grows. Restrict your posts to websites with related content to the sources on your webpage. Any links that you open with your PPC management account should be relevant to your goals for the page. For example, do not post links on webpages that sell auto parts online if you are trying to get people to visit your auto repair shop. You will be marketing to an audience that has different goals than those you are trying to achieve. Feel out which websites would be appropriate and increase your reach as your link gets a better response.

You must also consider the budget you have for your PPC campaign. Because PPC accounts only have you pay for successful links, you need to consider how you will spread your presence to balance readership with your budget. If you will be posting on a very popular webpage, you may want to hold off on creating dozens of extra links until you can get a feel for what your average readership will be. Then you can create a monthly budget that allows you to anticipate the amount of clicks you will get to stay on track with your payments.

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