Make a Blog Today and Start Making Money

Many people are making a fortune online writing blogs. Writing blogs is the way to go, because really, who wouldn’t mind having some extra cash? All it takes to write a blog is to start writing about stuff that you are interested in and care about. You can be interested in many things. However, I suggest you stick to one niche your website will focus on. You don’t have to write about something that you have no clue about and have no interest in.

If you want to make a blog, only write about what you are an expert in or what you are truly passionate about. That way, your content will be more interesting and much more informative and insightful, and as a result, you will get lots of readers to your blog. These are just some simple guidelines you need to have in mind when you want to make a blog. However, there are some complexities that you may encounter here and there as you start writing. Do not be misguided by the success of other bloggers telling you that this is a way to get rich quick. It requires hard work, commitment, and a lot of patience.

Once you make a blog and start putting some content on it, there is not a guarantee that you will make any revenue. Just like any other type of business, there is a possibility of  not picking up and you will have to incur the losses. You earn from your blog by writing articles which the search engines will look for and every time your blog appears in the search engines, you get more views, and potentially, earn money from this.  Over time your credibility and relevance of your blog will increase and you will start to see more traffic. However, to get to this point, you need to put in a lot of effort, hard work, and be consistent. So if you’re serious and committed to your blog, you will see results.

If you have decided you want to write a blog, do not waste any more time procrastinating and start it today. The first step to make a blog is finding a home for your blog or a place where it will be hosted. This is the place where you will be writing your posts, publishing them, and reading the readers’ comments about your blog. It’s also the place where you can customize and decorate your blog to suit your taste. Get a web host that will host your blog. You need to be very careful about the host you pick, get  a full service hosting provider such as (which offers free hosting) or a paid host such as HostGator or Bluehost.

These are inexpensive and provide other great services besides hosting such as helping you setup a blog and provide you with blog and website templates. They also take care of managing all the technical requirements of your blog while you concentrate on writing. The next thing you should do is install Word Press and put up the important plug-ins you will need. Create or buy a nice theme and ensure that the posts you write are attractive, interesting, and capture the reader’s attention. This way you will create a good first impression that will make viewers come back, which is exactly what you want.


So there you go! If you follow these important steps you will be on your way to starting a successful blog online. Do you have any other tips or suggestions? Please share your ideas here.


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