How To Install Plugins For WordPress

For beginners in writing industry, the need to study WordPress is a must. It is now taken into consideration the abilities to write and submit in WordPress. But before learning such things, the need to know how to install plugins for wordPress is a prerequisite.

For the novice in the industry, you should know that there are two styles of WordPress— the mess with and drop- in. Let’s take a closer look for these two kinds of plugins for WordPress.

The mess with plugins for WordPress is installed in the WordPress  panel. Furthermore it interacts with the panel through editing the theme and files which results it to mess with the system. On the other hand, the drop- in plugins for WordPress  is uploaded and activated only through the Word press admin alone.  Today we will focus only the drop-in through the admin panel.

There are two main ways to install the plugins for WordPress. The two are known as the automatic and manual installation process.


For an automatic installation of the plugins for WordPress, the need for this 4 information’s is necessary.

-          Connection Type (FTP, FTPS (SSL) )

-          FTP Password

-          FTP Username (different from the WordPress password)

-          Server Hostname for FTP access

Follow the steps below to install the plugins.

-          Direct to “Plugins”

-          Click on “Add New” (Search for the plugin you wish to install)

-          Click “Install Now” below the file name in order to start the installation.

-          The system will notify you once the installation is completed.

-          Once installed you can click on ‘Activate Plugin”

-          If the system does not install correctly, you will also be notified.

-          You can use the manual method if you want to.



For manual installation, try the following steps.

-         You can download the latest plugins for WordPress directly to your desktop. (This is great if you have multiple websites and want to use the same plugin on your websites)

-          Get onto the server site through a FTP Program. 

-          Copy the files into the /wp-content/plugins folder.

-          Look if the plugin was in the list. If not try to do the same process.

-          ACTIVATE the plugins to turn it on.

-          To see if the Plugin is working, take a look at the Administration panel.

Follow these easy steps for installing your WordPress plugins.  If you don’t know what plugins to download first I suggest you take a look at 40+ essential WordPress Plugins

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