How To Get More Exposure By Promoting Blog Posts

The fun and interesting part of a  blog is writing a blog post. You can do this for weeks and write plenty of high quality blog posts, but the question is: Are there people reading your blog posts? Honestly, the answer to that question is no. You can’t just let your content sit there and expect people to come flocking to it. You will have to get more exposure by promoting your blog posts. Here are some on how to!


Use your mailing list to your advantage!

If you already have a mailing list on your blog then great! If not, then I suggest you get one right away. Anytime you come out with new blog posts you can email to all your subscribers about the updated content. Keep them updated at all times as a friendly reminder for them to check out your blog. [Read: The Importance of Enabling Email Subscription]

Social media is the way to go!

There are millions of people using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, so why not expose yourself to them? For Facebook, you can create your own page for your blog so be sure to ask people to add you. Therefore, once you post an update on your Facebook page about your blog then they will immediately be notified. The same process can be applied to Twitter via tweets. The update and news is widely spread between your followers and also they might even share with their friends creating even more exposure. [Read: 25 Tips On How To Write Great Blog Posts]

Don’t be shy and ask other bloggers for help!

Everything is much easier if everyone works as a team. You may ask a fellow blogger if he/she can share your blog posts on their social network. Therefore, their followers will know about your creative content. In return, you may have the gratitude to share his/her blog on your social network. Therefore, it is basically one big social network of exposure that will definitely bring in loads of traffic.

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As you can see, social media is a big part in sharing information and getting exposure. It can easily be done because of the vast majority of people using social media sites. Your blog posts can travel from one neighborhood to another and eventually end up overseas in Australia. It’s definitely a highly effective way to get promote your blog posts to high limits.

If you have any ideas on promoting blog posts to get more exposure then please share!

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