How To Get Free Blog Traffic

For any reason you are blogging, whether you are doing it for sheer enjoyment, as a money making opportunity, or a way to promote your product or business then you definitely need blog traffic. And hopefully turn that blog traffic to loyal subscribers. However, don’t think that it will be a quick and simple process. In fact, it takes a lot of time and hard effort to climb to the top of the ladder of success. Here are some guidelines on how you can get free blog traffic.

Find a Good Glogging Platform

First thing you must consider when you want to get free blog traffic is to decide upon a blogging platform. My personal recommendation is the popular ‘WordPress’ blogging platform. It has many option available to modify your blog and best of all it’s completely free! [Read: How To Setup Hosting and WordPress]

Search Engine Optimize Your Blog

Do you want to get your blog listed in the search engine? Imagine if someone types a keyword relating to your niche and content and they find you on the first page of Google itself! Can you imagine the amount of free blog traffic you will get? Therefore, choose the right keywords for your blog so you can be listed! Of course, don’t count on getting there the very first day. It takes time and lots of it.


Guest Blogging  Is Effective

A long term strategy to get free blog traffic to your site is to guest blog your content on other popular blogging sites that are related to your niche. Those sites are usually loaded with high traffic so why not show them a dose of your rich unique content so they can eventually check out your own blog. This is a great strategy and is highly effective.

Interactive Media For The Win!

Text is excellent by itself, but what if you took it to the next step by adding images. People love to look at creative images because it’s simply and eye catcher to make the text much more interesting.

What if you took to the next step beyond that by adding your very own videos? Adding video is the big jackpot in creativity. People enjoy videos very much hence the reason why there are 800 million visitors each month on YouTube. Furthermore, if you include yourself in the videos, your viewers will develop a closer bond with you which are always an excellent benefit. So open a YouTube account and start uploading videos to your blog to generate free blog traffic!

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