How To Boost Page Views On Your Blog

Have you ever wondered why your blog isn’t as successful as you thought it would be? Even though you spend a great amount of time writing excellent content on your blog, it’s hardly getting noticed by the public. Are you having a hard time getting a consistent amount of page views on your blog and want to boost your page views? Do you wish your visitors would stay longer to explore the rest of your site?

These questions all seem too familiar and you’ve probably answered yes to all of them. The important factor regarding page views is the bounce rate. What is a bounce rate? Bounce rate is an important indicator to determine the success of your blog. It is the frequency rate when a visitor visits your blog and immediately leaves after briefly viewing one page. Having a high bounce rate will decrease your page views, so it’s best you keep it as low as possible.

Here is one factor you have to keep in mind. People on the internet are always in a hurry. They want to jump from one site to another to search what they are looking for. There is nothing you can do about that, however, there are ways to attract their attention to have them stay on your blog longer. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind on how you can boost the page views on your blog.

Decrease Your Loading Time!

slow-loading-siteIf your blog is taking longer than usual to load, then say good bye to your visitors and page views. Most of the people online are running broad band connections so they expect your blog to load right away. To prevent your blog from taking minutes to load, make sure your images are compressed to smaller sizes so they won’t hold up your site from loading efficiently. Another factor that causes blogs to load slow is the overly excessive use of ads. Keep ads to a minimum because after all, your visitors are looking for good content not a bunch of confusing ads.

Place Popular Posts in the Sidebar

To attract the viewer’s attention, you can place your popular posts in a sidebar for their convenience. When they are scrolling down to read your content they will easily notice all your popular posts available to them with a single click. This is probably your best option to attract your readers to visitor more than one page on your blog! Thus your bounce rate will decrease and your page views will skyrocket!

Modify Your Blog Design

Sometimes the easiest things that you can do to increase your page views are the ones that are being overlooked. If you have a good blog design than chances are you will have a consistent amount of page views. A bad blog design will do the opposite and decrease your views. Everybody loves a blog that has a great design and is well organized, creative, and convenient to use!

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