Video Blogging And The Advantages Of Using It

It is excellent to know that you have a blog with high quality text content. But do you know what people are interested today? Thanks to the booming popularity of YouTube, people are highly interested in videos. So if you haven’t decided yet to produce your own videos then I highly recommend you do. I will love to discuss about video blogging and the advantages that come with it.

Video Blogging? What’s that?!Video blogging known as vlogging is when you create your own videos to present information that you normally would in a blog. Basically it’s your video based version of your blog. You create your videos, edit them through a video editing software, and upload them to a free video sharing website like YouTube. Similar to normal blogs, people will be able to leave a comment, rate, and even subscribe to you.

Advantages of Video blogging


There are so many new blogs each and every day. So the competition is really tough. Some blogs have a hard time getting the exposure they need to be popular. YouTube is where it’s at when you want more exposure. There are 800 million visitors on YouTube each month. And think about it, people are more likely to click the play button a video rather than reading the long text. It’s much enjoyable to watch a video with great special effects and music.

More Traffic

Once you get more exposure, video blogging will bring in much more traffic than your normally do with ordinary. Due to the popularity of YouTube and the millions of people using it, they will find your video and if they like it then they will immediately visit your blog (So make sure to include your link in the description or profile page). So why not use video blogging to attract consistent traffic? [Read: So You Want To Increase Web Traffic?]

Great way to make money

Just like normal blogs, you can place video ads on your videos as well. The more people watch your videos, the more money you will make from Adsense. Furthermore, if you get popular enough, you may be accepted into the YouTube partnership to give you even more benefits to make money. Add that to how much you make on your blog and you’ll be making a nice amount each day.

So what do you think about video blogging? Have any opinions you want to share? Please do because I want to hear from you!

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