One of the easiest ways to increase website hits is to bring your website to your readers. Don’t just sit back and hope that new people will find you. Post links to your page on other venues so people can learn about what you have to offer, or pass along your contact information to their friends. Some SEO services include link building as part of their service package, but it’s easy to take on this task by yourself as well.

An easy way to get started with link building is to post your latest content on social media venues. If you have a blog on your webpage you can post to Facebook or Twitter every time you write something new. This is a great way for people who do not have a regular posting schedule to increase link popularity on their topics. Be sure to alter your posts to some degree to avoid boring viewers that follow you on multiple platforms. They won’t want to see the same message and the same link in five different locations every time you update. You also want to update your social media account when you don’t have a new post to avoid looking like all you care about is pushing your links.

You can also post your link to forums or chat rooms to increase link popularity. Stick to sites that are discussing similar content to what you are offering. You also want to include your link with a few comments that refer back to the original discussion, and avoid posting your link multiple times on the same forum. Posting excessively without taking part in the discussion will make you come off as rude and can get your comments flagged for spam.

Finally, you can use a pay per click service to disperse links in advertising venues around the web. This is a more costly way to increase website hits, but it can be quite effective. The benefit here is that you will not be required to pay for any links which wind up unused. You will only pay a small fee for every click that sends the viewer back to your page. Negotiate a contract to get a bundle of clicks for one low price to help keep this marketing strategy affordable so you do not lose money on bringing excess traffic to your site. You can also pair these links with ads so you get money for referring customers to other companies to balance your budget.

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