How To Consistently Get More Blog Readers

Are you tired of seeing your web traffic fluctuating from high traffic one day then to low traffic another day? I know exactly how you feel and it can be very annoying. The problem is you aren’t keeping the same blog readers. They just come and go and probably won’t come back. The idea is to increase these blog readers, but most importantly, hold on to them so they can come back. That’s where consistent traffic comes from and here is how you can get more blog readers!


Publish your high quality content for other blogs

Guest blogging is definitely not a waste of time. People will say “What’s the point of posting for other people?” The point is to gain more blog readers and traffic! Furthermore, you will get a backlink to your blog, gain referral traffic, and other advantages. And that’s what guest posting will do for you. Waste of time? Think again!

Come up with ‘eye catching’ topics

People love to read about interesting information. A great way to catch their attention is to come up with a creatively interesting topic title that will immediately generate traffic once it’s posted. Of course, you must back up that topic with rich content otherwise people will think twice before clicking on the next topic. Hold on to them!

Professionalize your blog design

Messy and a disorganized blog design will draw away your blog readers faster than you can say “Where did they go?” People want everything to be nice and neat interface with simple navigation. And please make sure your blog loads fast for the convenience of your blog readers. They definitely won’t stay to wait even 1 whole minute to load one page running on broadband connection.

Social media to the rescue!

Present to the world your lovely piece of work through social media. There are practically millions of people using social media sites and they are waiting for you. Some example of popular social media sites are YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Those should keep you busy. So create an account and expose your blog to the world!

These are some ways you can attract more blog readers to your content. Always keep in my mind to hold on to them for consistent traffic. You can ask them to subscribe to your email newsletter or to join your YouTube channel and Facebook page. Whatever it takes to keep them coming back for more!

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