Combining SEO with Social Media

SEO and social media should be a combination that every webpage uses in their marketing campaign. Both tools give exposure to your page that is vital to increasing your readership. You can connect with your current customer base and use these connections to gain access to new potential customers at the same time. Best of all, most SEO tools or social media accounts are free to own and operate, so you can get a lot of exposure without having to cut a hole in your marketing budget.

The key to social media marketing is creating an atmosphere that will get people talking. Many newcomers to SEO marketing assume that you must make a post every day to keep readers coming back.

In truth, less is more in this category. You want to post regularly, but only when you have something to say.

Constantly posting repetitive information will make your page look like a spam site, which will cause viewers to stop following you. Promote sales, new products, or even share funny posts that are just for fun so long as you are not repeating information your readers are likely to have seen already.

Use SEO keywords to catch their attention. Most social media accounts give you limited space to write, so you want to maximize the effect a post will have. Using hash tags on Twitter is also a great way to incorporate SEO content into your post. Then you will show up in relevant posts when people start searching for similar content. This increases the chance that people will pass your post along to others who could also find the information useful or interesting. Social media marketing is all about allowing others to find you and encouraging them to do your marketing work for free.

You also want to encourage your viewers to talk back. If viewers feel like you are not listening to their opinions then they can get insulted. Encourage your clients to leave comments, and respond to questions or concerns that are left on your webpage.

This is how you get social with the media!

SEO and social media can be used to draw in readers, but it is your job to keep them once they arrive. If your account is seen as helpful or fun, people are more likely to chat with you to get the information they need about your business. In the end, this increases the chance that they will use the products and services you offer outside of social media.

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