Which is More Important? The Quantity or Quality of Blog Posts?

If Shakespeare was still alive and became an SEO expert, he would ask this debatable question, “Is quantity or quality the most effective solution for blog posts? Unfortunately, both practices have advantages and disadvantages. One on hand, some people prefer quality just because of the fact that nothing beats high quality content. One the other hand, others prefer quantity because of the notion that more content is better. So it is extremely hard to decide which way is the best way to go. Therefore, I will provide a detailed list on the advantages and disadvantages about having a large quantity of blog posts vs. having less posts but having quality blog posts.

Quality – Advantages

Of course, content that is focused on quality has plenty of advantages that are valuable to the credibility of your website or blog. What does quality mean to you?

    • For me, it means there is plenty of detail, creativity, and unique material in the content.  These are mostly what loyal readers are looking far. If they love the quality content of your blog posts then they will definitely come back for more.
    • More loyal readers means more subscribers. They will subscribe to your mailing list to wait for more updates or even your YouTube channel if you happen to post videos about your website.
    • Most importantly, high quality content comes with a great feeling of satisfaction for your viewers. And that’s what you really want from your blog posts.

Quality – Disadvantages

Some of you are probably wondering how posting quality content can have disadvantages, but believe it or not, it does!

    • First of all, it takes a lot of time and lots of hard work and effort to get your content to gain popularity. To be successful, you have to be consistent so it comes down to this question, “Do you have what it takes to consistently offer quality blog posts on a daily basis?
    • Since it takes so long to publish content, it means you will be having less page views as a result. People will come to your page and seeing how there isn’t much there, they won’t even think twice to click on another page. It basically comes down to this:

Less content = less page views = no trust = less traffic = no advertisements

Quantity – Advantages

Quantity content is the total opposite of quality.

    • Since there is so much content, you will have more viewers visiting your site, which will lead to more page views, trust, and higher ranking because of the consistent traffic. And it’s much easier to write shorter blog posts.

Quantity – Disadvantages

    • Of course, most of these viewers are just going to visit once, get what they want, and then never come back. That’s the unfortunate truth about publishing quantity content.
    • This will lead to fewer subscribers and no sales if you begin to have trouble publishing more content.


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