Ideas For Writing Great Blog Comments

Blog comments aren’t always considered as spam. As a matter of fact, they are really beneficial. They are responsible for a great source of backlinks and traffic. Unfortunately, many people are abusing the feature of blog comments and use it mainly for spam. Therefore, blog owners are quite strict on the type comments that show up on their blog.


So let’s move away from spam and use blog comments as an advantage to our blogs. If done correctly, blog commenting can attract readers, build the relationship between you and your audience, and also a reliable tool for brand building. So without further ado, here are some ideas for writing great blog comments.

The Importance Of ‘Name Field’

When you are blog commenting, the most important part is the blank space where you are suppose to enter your name (at least your first name). Too many people are abusing this and are inputting keywords in this field. That’s basically writing “SPAMMER” in caps across your forehead. You will lose all credibility on your blog comments and people would just ignore you.

So play it smart and input your name in that field. After all, it’s called ‘name field’ for a reason not keyword field. Therefore, people will notice your identity and your blog comment will have so much more value.

Always Ask Questions or Include More Information

To further increase the credibility of your blog comment, you may ask questions to get a conversation going. It will be beneficial for other people as well. If you don’t like to ask questions then you can at least add new information that will interest other people to join into the discussion. Therefore, your comment will be less suspicious of spam because spammers or spam bots never ask questions or add any new relevant information.

Correct Your Grammar!

My personal pet peeve is to scroll down and read a comment that is full of slang and grammatical errors. It’s torture for my eyes to go through that! So proof read your comment several times to ensure you don’t leave any mistakes. It’s better for your credibility and also for others who are reading your comment.

These are my suggestions to writing great blog comments. It will separate you from the annoying spammers and spam bots that the internet is filled with. It’s all about your credibility and the trust that is presented in your informational blog comments.



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