Everybody Makes Mistakes When It Comes Writing a Blog

Everybody makes mistakes when it comes to writing a blog because new bloggers don’t do enough research to find out what they need to do in order to have a successful blog. We all know that people make mistakes in life and nobody is perfect! Even in the world of blogging, people will make mistakes when writing a blog. It all depends if we can learn from our mistakes so it doesn’t happen again.

Your objective is to attract more people to read your content, but if you don’t avoid these three mistakes that I am going to list here, then it will be extremely tough for you to manage your blog. So preventing those mistakes will set you on the right path to success and, most importantly, help your site to become popular and credible.


Using a Free Domain Name

Just about every beginner blogger makes mistakes when it comes to getting a domain name. When writing a blog, the problem is, people tend to use free domains because they are simply free. But you have to know that free domains come with many restrictions. One of these restrictions is preventing some serious exposure to your content. Basically, it will be harder for people to find you because the website isn’t yours.

Also, you will have no control on your site if you use a free domain. So all that hard work and effort you put in writing a blog will disappear if they ever decide to suspend your account. So move away from free domains like Blogspot or WordPress and resort to paid domains like BlueHost or HostGator to preserve and further grow your brand.

Bad Blog Design

Just because a blog design “looks cool” or is free doesn’t mean it’s all that great. When writing a blog it’s important that you don’t mess up on the blog design because your blog’s design affects your visitors’ first impression when they visit your website. If they come to your website and realize it is a mess then they will immediately leave and never come back. So your blog design plays a huge role in the growth of your blog.

I recommend you choose professional themes or premium themes. Of course, these themes cost money, but it’s definitely worth it because you are presenting your blog and content in a credible way. People will trust you more and decide your blog is good enough to be put as one of their bookmarks!

Copying Others

I know it’s hard to consistently come up with new topics and content when writing a blog. But that doesn’t mean you go out to other people’s work and copy them and then publish it as your own. That’s a big no-no and will result in you getting banned on search engines. So be sure to always write original content because that’s the only way you can make your blog credible enough for people to trust you.


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