Common Mistakes That May Ruin Your Blog

The ultimate goal of blogging is to earn money by providing rich content to hundreds of thousands of people. However, a lot of beginners who are new to blogging think that if they provide great content they will instantly become millionaires. It’s definitely not that easy! Otherwise, we’ll all be millionaires sipping on some pina coladas on our yachts! As great as that sounds, it takes time, months and months and even years.


Therefore, with the mindset of ‘instant success’, newbies will venture in the wilderness of the blogging world and recklessly commit common mistakes that may eventually ruin their blog. Take a deep breath and read my listings of common mistakes that must be avoided at all costs!

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Common Mistakes #1 – Not enough knowledge on blogging

 Let’s start off with the first common mistake that happen to be one of the biggest and that is not having enough specific knowledge to even start blogging. Beginners fail to research for a niche and without one will create a mess in your blog. Therefore, brainstorm some niches that you want your blog to be. Don’t know what to choose? Start with your interests and what you like to do and go from there. You can even eliminate the keyword research and have someone else do the work for you. There are some really knowledgeable people on fiverr that can research a good niche for you and save you hours or days worth of research.

Common Mistakes #2 – No patience

 Okay, I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll mention it again. Blogging is not instant success so set aside the fairy tales and be patient. It is the only way you can get through the life of a blogger.

Common Mistakes #3 – Terrible Design

 Organize your blog that is user friendly. If your blog is a complete mess then who would ever want to stress themselves to browse through it? So keep clean of the blog and the navigation is simple and convenient. And another thing, loading times should be fast, you don’t want your viewers waiting too long. I’ve ran into some really slow loading sites and the site was just lagging to load pages. I won’t be visiting that site anytime soon!

Common Mistakes #4 – Copying others

 Ask yourself this. What do you achieve from copying other people’s work? Nothing good can come out from copying others. In fact, copying others will immediately drop your credibility to 0 and lose the trust of your readers. Avoid doing this and come up with your own unique and original content. You don’t want people to call you a liar, do you?

Common Mistakes #5 – No updates means no traffic

 Once you begin to post on a weekly basis, say goodbye to the consistency of your traffic. People are looking for content every day so it’s best you update your blog on a daily or bi-daily basis. It keeps the same viewers who are interested in your blog to come back for more.

Avoid these common mistakes and you should have no problem putting your blog in jeopardy. Have you encounter any problems that aren’t listed here? Please share your tips with us!

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