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Believe it or not, back when blogs were first introduced they were actually known as personal online journals. But nowadays, they are mostly considered as valuable businesses. Especially if you want to make an extra bid of cash using your blog. But first you need to have a strategy 4 seo.  The easiest way to make money is to generate a healthy amount of traffic and place some ads as a monetary source. This same method has been used for many years and never seemed to change.

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How To Make Money With SEO

However, the competition is much tougher now since there are so many new blogs coming out each hour and every day. So how can you live up to the competition? Don’t worry about the competition because there is always a way to make your blog better. In this article, I will offer some advice to make your blog the way that you want it.

Include a personality in your content

I’ve noticed that some better yet many blogs have a sole purpose to just make money rather than doing it for the people. These kinds of blogs have no personality in their writing at all. Even if they do, it feels kind of robotic. People are not interested in that kind of content. Therefore, it’s important to include your own personality in your content. Maybe incorporate some humor or a professional tone into your work to make it more genuine.

Proofread it several times

Nothing is more annoying then reading an article with several spelling typos and grammatical errors. It will definitely turn me away from the article and I won’t ever visit that blog again. I’m sure your readers will feel the same way if they ever stumble upon that kind of content. So proofread many times so that you can pick up any errors that you may have. You want to have quality content over quantity.

Keep it short and sweet

Imagine if you went to the movie theater or any sports league game and 4 hours later you’re still watching the same thing? You would be bored out of your mind and guess what you probably ain’t never coming back. Refrain from writing extremely long articles. People are not interested in readings pages and pages of content. Half way through they will move on to another blog. Therefore, to make your blog better, keep your articles short and sweet. Get right on the point and don’t drag anything out. This will also increase page views on your blog because your readers are able to read most of your blog posts rather than one extremely long one.

Post frequently

Keep updating your content to keep your blog fresh for people to come back for more. You want to keep impressing your readers. This advice is essential to generate consistent traffic and it will definitely make your blog better.

Do you have any tips you want to share? I would love to hear them from you.

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